D21 Bachelor

Escrito el 09/06/2020
Disciple 21

Diploma in Theological Studies / Bachelor Equivalency

Over 15 years ago, a leading Hispanic pastor in Orlando walked into the Florida Dunnam Campus, and with great concern for the Latino community, asked if a program might developed to educate Hispanics. Several months later, a pilot class was held with great success. It was evident to the Asbury administration that the need for theological education in Spanish among the Latino community was great. This marked the birth of LMFP. These few classes evolved into a robust program that features a curriculum with 60 credit hours, and two concentrations: Pastoral studies and Counseling. Having completed this degree, the students have the opportunity to continue with graduate studies in Asbury Theological Seminary or any other accredited theological seminary.

LMFP was the first program to be certified by AETH and ATS to offer a 60-credit diploma that is recognized by seminaries as a bachelor equivalent, thus opening a pathway to graduate school for the Latino community.

Admission Steps:

- Admission application
- Academic Policies
- Brief Personal & Theological Essay (500 words)
- Two Personal References
- Application Fee: $15.00

For more information, please contact 407-482-7500 or 407-482-7559.